Sunday, 7 October 2012

What happens on tour, stays on tour. Except when I post it on blogger...

Snapshot 15.

Well, here I am. I’m sat in my beautiful accommodation (for the week), in the stunning countryside of Lincolnshire (near Grimsby to be more precise) and it’s suddenly dawned on me that I’ve already been on tour a week.

The rehearsal week seemed to take forever, being that it was split in two. But there’s nothing better than having complete freedom on the road and knowing now the show is all down to you and you can mix it up. Well you’re not really supposed to, but it keeps us on our toes! You’ll be happy to know I’m getting on really well with my team, which is good considering we've all come from different places and backgrounds.

Matt is a 30-something year old from Liverpool, with years of experience in this industry and has a family all of his own, which comes in handy as all he’s done is look after me so far (bless him haha)! That’s because for the first time in my life, I’m now the baby of the group! Rachel is from Manchester and fresh out of drama school. Then there’s me! Kind of the middle person (apart from being the youngest!) I've been doing this T.I.E thing for a couple of years, didn't go to drama school but determined to get where I want to be.

So… There’s my team!

Our first week went pretty well, we've already been dubbed ‘The Dream Team’ by Claire Bird (she’s the road safety officer of E. Lincolnshire… And she knows good places to eat cake hehe!!). So, fairly happy! Most of the schools we've been to this week have been amazing and very receptive towards our play…. However, there’s always the odd school were you just want to kill them all and let the ground swallow you whole *ahem*.

But hey! C├ęst la vie, eh?

I’m going to enjoy myself, watch 'Downton Abbey' tonight, have a glass of wine & have a lovely day off tomorrow! Yes. I have a day OFF tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good start to the week ^.^!

Peace & Love.

Ginny x