Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Day Of Mothering.

Snapshot 10.

I do sincerely hope all you lovely mother’s out there had a wonderful day and that your families spoilt you rotten hehe.

I also hope my beautiful mum had a lovely day too!

She’s fantastic she is. Her support is completely second to none; she is always the one pushing me to do better because she just knows that I can do it. She has that wonderful sense that all mothers seem to have when they just know that something is wrong too XD. She always and I mean always puts others before herself. And I know a lot of people say this about their own mum and I’m absolutely no exception… My mum really is my best friend.

I could talk about her until the cows come home, I really could!
She’s amazing.

But anyway, I bought her a lovely (if I do say so myself! Haha) bunch of flowers and a necklace. Then thought I’d love to make my mum a mother’s day cake! …. Well my mum and I ended up making the cake together, which was lovely as it was nice to have that quality time making something together. Which we haven’t done in years!

However….. The mixer broke…. Well it started smoking and burnt out. But all in all, a lovely experience together XD. It was interesting!   

Here’s the joint effort, strawberry and vanilla mother’s day cake. 


Peace & Love.
Ginny x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dude, where's my boyfriend?

Snapshot 9

So I’ve been extremely lucky this week as I’ve had my amazing boyfriend to stay. It’s been nice to finally see each other, if only for a week. As on the 17th February it was our 4 year anniversary and not only that but I missed him a huge amount since the last time I saw him was New Year. So we got to celebrate our anniversary with a day out and a lovely meal together, which was sweet. Then I’m going to see him later this month as it’s his birthday! Yes. I know. 4 years together and we’re still visiting each other. Oh the joys of having no money! Flat soon please? Anyone? XD 

I must admit. It’s hard. Living far away from each other and not being able to see each other as much as both of us would like. But I’m sure we’re not the only ones feeling the same way. I can understand, it can be heartbreaking at times. Especially since me and my boyfriend have previously lived together at university and to go from that to not living with each other at all. It’s awful… Eugh.

But…Got to keep positive!! Yes. You can’t keep thinking negatively, it’s a waste of time and energy and it won’t help at the end of the day. So for all you couple’s away from your partners, it’s ok.

It’s weird writing all that with my boyfriend beside me… O.O

Well, apart from that! I’ve got a few other updates. Found a couple of jobs to apply for, this is always good! Finally got a space on Spotlight (which is the big books for actors to be featured on i.e. people like Judi Dench are on there), so hopefully that’ll help me get some potential auditions, fingers crossed! And also, I saw The Muppet’s at the cinema not so long ago and for any Muppet’s fan it is a must! Although none of the Henson family were involved it was certainly done well and with justice! Check out the songs, they’re fantastic!   

Peace & Love.
Ginny x