Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Beach.

Snapshot 5.

I haven’t updated in a while, I do apologise! 

I’ve really been meaning too, but time has just escaped me recently… But here we go again!! A lot has been happening recently, with a family member in hospital (they’re fine, they are just waiting to come home now ^.^), plus I’ve not been feeling too great and thus my blogging has gone a little downhill. But I’m back with a vengeance!

Ok, so to keep you updated… I’ve been feeling a bit down with myself lately and I’m not a sad person (at all!); it’s just with searching for work and not getting any replies, it’s easy to just start second guessing yourself. You know, things like “is this the right career for me?”, “am I actually good enough?” and the doubt then just buries itself deeper. Then the crying starts. I’ve just been one big emotional mess! Luckily my amazing mum, (mumsy as I like to call her) has been on hand to give me huge hug and to keep telling me to “keep the faith”. I’ll never get sick of her saying that! As it does the trick. She definitely has the power to snap me out of whatever soul destroying mood I’m in XD, that’s for sure.

But before that wee meltdown occurred I was going to create a snapshot about a day I had a week or so ago, which was about the beach.

I do adore the beach. It’s just such a beautiful place to be. It’s all natural, and every time the tide comes in & washes everything back to sea. It’s as if everything is forgotten and life starts again. I had a lovely tranquil day just taking photographs while my Mumsy was running an errand- it helps pass the time doesn’t it? And what a place to spend it! I even got approached by lovely old man who was very interested in what I was doing and happened to be a photographer himself. He then went on to show me his fabulous camera… I was a little bit jealous. I’m not going to lie! But all in all I had a lovely walk and to be honest I could have done with that little peaceful venture this week with everything that’s been going on in my little head.   

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the photos I took….

My beach my not be the most attractive at times. But you cannot deny, it has charm.

Last little note to self: When emotions are extremely high. Do not watch the last episode in the second series of BBC’s Sherlock, as you may cry like a little girl, eugh. Not good. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A day out with the black & white stripes...

Snapshot 4.
Today has been utterly lovely. I really mean it. One of those days where you talk about anything and everything and the time just seems to vanish and you realise that if you don’t leave soon you’ll probably miss your train, and be stranded in Newcastle… Not good really >_<. But it’s a day I really needed.

I met a good friend of mine today, Becky. I met her during my time with the children’s theatre company (I mentioned before); although we’ve never officially worked together we’ve stayed firm friends since. She’s one of those people who will always find the good in everyone she meets, an absolute gem she is! I think we talked just about everything today- family, the future, musicals, jobs, and we ate a lot of food! Plus a starbucks. Always good by me! Hehe.  

It was also nice to talk to a fellow actress who’ll be in the same position I’m in now. The scary prospect called the unknown. Not knowing where the next acting job is going to be, whether to go back to the same acting company (or not) just to be secure and having the confidence to try something different & actually try and achieve our dreams. It’s a nice feeling that we both know where we’re coming from. I suppose we’ve got to help each other make our dreams come true, haven’t we? 

Ok. Corny, I know!  

I’m glad I took the opportunity to see her though, as I don’t know when the next one will arise. And I know I’m a terrible pen pal. I’d like think I keep in touch with people quite well, but you know how it is; it can become difficult at times trying to keep up with everyone you know. Especially when you have friends from all over the country, one in Finland and one in New York. Blimey!    

So we wandered and talked for the whole day (and also got some pretty nifty goodies from HMV too), I miss getting lost in time like that and it’s sad when you know you have a train home that you can’t miss. Hopefully another catch-up will be on the cards soon.

So I round a lovely day off by watching ‘The Reader’. So far it’s an incredible, well acted movie. I can see why Kate Winslet won the Oscar for her role, let’s just say that. 

Becky & I. Starbucks - Newcastle. 15/01/12.

Peace & Love.
Ginny x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ulcers, and glands, and tonsils. Oh my!!

Snapshot 3

Beware: this is such a woe is me card I’m playing today.

I’m so bogged down today.
I’ve been battling this tonsillitis thing ever since I finished my last tour and it seems to have flared up something rotten at the moment -_-. Eugh. It kills me even more that I can’t get cwtches off my wonderful boyfriend.

Also, I have such a wonderful day planned for tomorrow, in which, I’m seeing a lovely friend of mine that I haven’t seen for a good couple of months. I think a lunch date & a shopping spree is well-needed; so regardless of this illness thing, I’m going ^.^.

I would also like to plan a little outing to go and see the movie event of the year…. Until ‘The Hobbit’ comes along, that is!! But yes, I’m planning to see ‘The Artist’ this week. The new silent film, yes, I said SILENT FILM. How amazing? Apparently it’s about to take all the movie awards by storm, I’m not surprised here ^.^. Very exciting stuff!

So, my only solace today has been downloading some bits and bobs from itunes I’ve desperately been wanting. Including some music from the incredible series ‘Downton Abbey’, now everyone I know… apart from my daddykins >_< likes Downton Abbey. Honestly! What’s not to like? Period drama, gossip and not to mention it’s set in my locality XD. Other music I’ve been downloading (legally, I may add!) are pieces that are featured on adverts, c’mon we have all heard an advert in the past and discover little gems that we wouldn’t mind having for ourselves! Mine just happen to be things like the track from the Dior ad and the epic music from the British Airways ad. As a girl whom ‘high kicks’ at the thought of an epic piece of ‘trailer’ music or movie score, haha, then advert music might as well be added to that list too!

I really hope that these germs will leave my body soon -_-.
I intended to have some new headshots done soon, but there’s no point emailing the photographer if my throat looks as though I have got something stuck down there. I might as well wait until it settles.

Does anyone happen to know of any great home remedies that I could try?

Peace & Love.
Ginny x   

Friday, 13 January 2012

a change of scenery...

Snapshot Two.

Ah, here we are again.
I gave a snapshot into my acting life yesterday & here’s another one for today…

Oh gosh, I’m so thankful!! I now have a project for the next month or so. My lovely family & I have decided to decorate my room!! It’s been a long awaiting process, but it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time! I’m just grateful as it’s something to keep my mind off looking for acting work and as my wonderful mumsy says “Something will crop up when you least expect it” and she’s right… I think.  Well, now I’ll be able to put her theory to the test XD. 

Ok, so my bedroom has needed a fresh coat of paint & especially a new bed for about 6 years (give or take). Mainly because I’m sick of a single bed, I’m a girl who can’t help but sprawl out haha! And I think a 4ft bed will help this situation. A bit of luxary? Yes please!! Also, half of which I’m decorating my room is too help my wonderful parentals. I’m 23, I have a wonderful boyfriend (of almost 4 years!! ^.^) and will soon be moving out (it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable) and with my room looking like a West End & Broadway haven, I doubt they’ll want me leaving my room in the state it’s in… As they’ll probably use it as a storage space *sigh* haha. Plus I will want to take all my memorabilia with me XD!

Anyway, my room is already green & green being my favourite colour. All I’m going to do is change the shade to ‘Pure Green’ from the B&Q range of paints, and work around that colour to incorporate other shades of green & different elements of white into the mix. I just want my room to look fresh but warm & cosy at the same time… Hmm, is that possible? XD

However, I did get a beautiful landscape canvas to put on my feature wall. So not bad progress for one day, eh?

Also, I’m interested in the art of quilting at the moment and have started to look at different materials, I heard across the grapevine that ebay was the cheapest. But I’m a little unsure on how to get started >_<. Anyone got any tips on how they started or websites? If so, I’d be very grateful!  

Ah, it’s such a lovely feeling when you realise you’ve had a productive day.

Peace & Love.
Ginny x   

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The first of many...

Greetings bloggers ^.^.

So here it is... I’m Ginny Quinn. I’m a struggling actor from North Yorkshire…. Ok, so I haven’t been struggling for very long. But I’m in desperate need of a job right now. Mainly because I don’t like sitting on my bum for too long! I graduated from University with a [BA] Hons Degree in Acting in 2010 & I was with a children’s touring theatre company that travelling across the UK performing to primary schools. I’ve done 3 tours with them and have decided that’s enough. I need a new venture. Otherwise, if you stay with one acting company- how are you supposed to broaden your knowledge of what we know as ‘The Craft?’ & further your experience?

So… Now that you’re up to speed on my little life, I’m basically starting up this blog to give me something to do XD! I have way too much time on my hands (as my parents keep reinstating) while I wait for an acting job to pop up that I’m suitable for- so I’m going to blog my way to the top (if that’s even possible)!

Any other actors out there struggling at the moment too? I’d love to here from you. How do you pass the time?

Peace & Love.
Ginny x