Saturday, 14 April 2012

"O Hero! What a Hero hadst thou been!" ACT IV, Scene i

Snapshot 11.

How important is it for people to have a hero? An inspiration.
I was talking about this with my mumsy the other day… I think we all have people we look up too in our lives i.e. family members. But I’m focusing more on those we may look up to with a ‘celebrity’ status or who are just ‘well-known’.

For me, these kinds of people have always been pretty present in my life. I wish I could tell you why, but they just are.

My biggest inspirations are Barbra Streisand & Liza Minnelli 

Barbra Streisand in my favorite musical of her's 'Funny Girl'. 
Portraying the fabulous Fanny Brice!

Liza Minnelli in one of my fave film's 'Stepping Out'

My mum will you tell you over and over how much I adore these women.

Do you think it has an effect on how you grow up or who you grow up with when you’re little? I mean I’ve been surrounded by musical theatre ever since I can remember!

Not to mention that these women are such strong role models. Independent women, who got want they wanted by going out and getting it. They may sing like angels but honestly I wouldn’t want to mess with them when it comes to business. For these reasons girls growing today will probably look up to people like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. I can see why, they do the same thing as my heroes do. It’s just a change in the times…   

And yeah they probably did affect my life in a huge way, being that they’re very prominent actresses who are incredibly skilled at their craft and who are well respected today. And that’s exactly what I want to be!

Hmmm, Who are your heroes?

Peace & Love.
Ginny x

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  1. My hero and who I look up you Heath! You have such a drive and ambition for the things you love without losing sight of what's important, such as your family and friends.

    Love you loads Mumsy XXX