Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Janine, John Nichols & I

Snapshot 7.

Hurrah!! I did it. I have my headshots; well I have a contact sheet of around 90 photos. Now here comes the hard part… Narrowing them down to just 5!! Yes, you heard me correctly. 5. You have no idea how difficult that is!! When you have to take in consideration: your facial expression, clothing, eyes, hairstyle, the overall shot and could you potentially be booked from that shot. Argh! Help! Luckily, my amazing Mumsy (Janine) is always on hand to offer a good outside opinion and at a stage like this I really need and appreciate it!

The photographer I went to (John Nichols) was fabulous! He captured in my photographs exactly what I wanted to get across. But he did it in a way that actors would understand (kinda like Jay Manuel does when he artistically directs a photo shoot on ANTM). Rather than just standing there and simply taking a photo, he sets up different scenarios to go with your costume on what your certain character would be doing and during all of this he begins to take your photo as your going through the scene. It was a very clever way of doing things and I loved being a apart of it.

When it came to viewing the results, it did show that I was able to take direction and improvise well in front of a camera- which I suppose is a great skill to have, right? So I was very happy with the whole process, and I discovered a few things I didn’t know about myself too. I would recommend him to any actor in the UK seeking a headshots photographer!  

Also, I’m glad I did well because with my Mumsy being present I didn’t exactly want to let her down!! Haha XD.  

But all in all the day was a success! Until we got to the train station to return home, that is XD. Let’s just say a lot of incidents around the country, weather and delayed trains turned our 3hr journey home into a 5 ½ hr journey home!! Tragic -_-. Thank you, Mother Nature, thank you!

Peace & Love.
Ginny x

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  1. i have done a lot of acting shots for my friends here in LA and narrowing them down is so difficult! good luck! and feel free to post one or two! i would very much like to see them! good luck on the acting gigs. :)