Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ulcers, and glands, and tonsils. Oh my!!

Snapshot 3

Beware: this is such a woe is me card I’m playing today.

I’m so bogged down today.
I’ve been battling this tonsillitis thing ever since I finished my last tour and it seems to have flared up something rotten at the moment -_-. Eugh. It kills me even more that I can’t get cwtches off my wonderful boyfriend.

Also, I have such a wonderful day planned for tomorrow, in which, I’m seeing a lovely friend of mine that I haven’t seen for a good couple of months. I think a lunch date & a shopping spree is well-needed; so regardless of this illness thing, I’m going ^.^.

I would also like to plan a little outing to go and see the movie event of the year…. Until ‘The Hobbit’ comes along, that is!! But yes, I’m planning to see ‘The Artist’ this week. The new silent film, yes, I said SILENT FILM. How amazing? Apparently it’s about to take all the movie awards by storm, I’m not surprised here ^.^. Very exciting stuff!

So, my only solace today has been downloading some bits and bobs from itunes I’ve desperately been wanting. Including some music from the incredible series ‘Downton Abbey’, now everyone I know… apart from my daddykins >_< likes Downton Abbey. Honestly! What’s not to like? Period drama, gossip and not to mention it’s set in my locality XD. Other music I’ve been downloading (legally, I may add!) are pieces that are featured on adverts, c’mon we have all heard an advert in the past and discover little gems that we wouldn’t mind having for ourselves! Mine just happen to be things like the track from the Dior ad and the epic music from the British Airways ad. As a girl whom ‘high kicks’ at the thought of an epic piece of ‘trailer’ music or movie score, haha, then advert music might as well be added to that list too!

I really hope that these germs will leave my body soon -_-.
I intended to have some new headshots done soon, but there’s no point emailing the photographer if my throat looks as though I have got something stuck down there. I might as well wait until it settles.

Does anyone happen to know of any great home remedies that I could try?

Peace & Love.
Ginny x   

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