Sunday, 15 January 2012

A day out with the black & white stripes...

Snapshot 4.
Today has been utterly lovely. I really mean it. One of those days where you talk about anything and everything and the time just seems to vanish and you realise that if you don’t leave soon you’ll probably miss your train, and be stranded in Newcastle… Not good really >_<. But it’s a day I really needed.

I met a good friend of mine today, Becky. I met her during my time with the children’s theatre company (I mentioned before); although we’ve never officially worked together we’ve stayed firm friends since. She’s one of those people who will always find the good in everyone she meets, an absolute gem she is! I think we talked just about everything today- family, the future, musicals, jobs, and we ate a lot of food! Plus a starbucks. Always good by me! Hehe.  

It was also nice to talk to a fellow actress who’ll be in the same position I’m in now. The scary prospect called the unknown. Not knowing where the next acting job is going to be, whether to go back to the same acting company (or not) just to be secure and having the confidence to try something different & actually try and achieve our dreams. It’s a nice feeling that we both know where we’re coming from. I suppose we’ve got to help each other make our dreams come true, haven’t we? 

Ok. Corny, I know!  

I’m glad I took the opportunity to see her though, as I don’t know when the next one will arise. And I know I’m a terrible pen pal. I’d like think I keep in touch with people quite well, but you know how it is; it can become difficult at times trying to keep up with everyone you know. Especially when you have friends from all over the country, one in Finland and one in New York. Blimey!    

So we wandered and talked for the whole day (and also got some pretty nifty goodies from HMV too), I miss getting lost in time like that and it’s sad when you know you have a train home that you can’t miss. Hopefully another catch-up will be on the cards soon.

So I round a lovely day off by watching ‘The Reader’. So far it’s an incredible, well acted movie. I can see why Kate Winslet won the Oscar for her role, let’s just say that. 

Becky & I. Starbucks - Newcastle. 15/01/12.

Peace & Love.
Ginny x

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