Friday, 13 January 2012

a change of scenery...

Snapshot Two.

Ah, here we are again.
I gave a snapshot into my acting life yesterday & here’s another one for today…

Oh gosh, I’m so thankful!! I now have a project for the next month or so. My lovely family & I have decided to decorate my room!! It’s been a long awaiting process, but it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time! I’m just grateful as it’s something to keep my mind off looking for acting work and as my wonderful mumsy says “Something will crop up when you least expect it” and she’s right… I think.  Well, now I’ll be able to put her theory to the test XD. 

Ok, so my bedroom has needed a fresh coat of paint & especially a new bed for about 6 years (give or take). Mainly because I’m sick of a single bed, I’m a girl who can’t help but sprawl out haha! And I think a 4ft bed will help this situation. A bit of luxary? Yes please!! Also, half of which I’m decorating my room is too help my wonderful parentals. I’m 23, I have a wonderful boyfriend (of almost 4 years!! ^.^) and will soon be moving out (it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable) and with my room looking like a West End & Broadway haven, I doubt they’ll want me leaving my room in the state it’s in… As they’ll probably use it as a storage space *sigh* haha. Plus I will want to take all my memorabilia with me XD!

Anyway, my room is already green & green being my favourite colour. All I’m going to do is change the shade to ‘Pure Green’ from the B&Q range of paints, and work around that colour to incorporate other shades of green & different elements of white into the mix. I just want my room to look fresh but warm & cosy at the same time… Hmm, is that possible? XD

However, I did get a beautiful landscape canvas to put on my feature wall. So not bad progress for one day, eh?

Also, I’m interested in the art of quilting at the moment and have started to look at different materials, I heard across the grapevine that ebay was the cheapest. But I’m a little unsure on how to get started >_<. Anyone got any tips on how they started or websites? If so, I’d be very grateful!  

Ah, it’s such a lovely feeling when you realise you’ve had a productive day.

Peace & Love.
Ginny x   

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